Our smart KNX gateway for pushbuttons, sensors and detectors is the most effective solution to build a fully compatible KNX building automation system

ELAUSYS IGW-01-KNX Input Gateway
  • Up to 60 Binary Inputs  (pushbutton, switch,…)
  • Up to 30 Sensors  (temperature, humidity, brightness, CO2,…)
  • Each binary input device has a built-in temperature sensor
  • Extra low power, all your inputs for less than 0,5W !
  • Fully compatible with all standard KNX functions
  • Configuration with ETS, only one download for all devices
  • Use a single KNX cable for all your devices
  • Elausys devices are interchangeable with KNX devices at any time
  • Cost Effective, price for each binary input becomes very attractive
  • Enclosure for DIN rail mounting


The KNX input gateway is used to connect several input devices to the KNX bus through a single KNX interface. It is fully integrated in the KNX network by using the standard KNX cable for all its devices. Therefore, combining KNX and ELAUSYS devices on a single cable.

Up to 60 binary inputs and 30 sensors can be configured in the gateway and are fully compatible with all regular KNX functions. Using the input gateway is the most effective solution to integrates several inputs into a KNX installation while keeping all the flexibility and advantages of KNX.

The gateway housing is made to be installed on a DIN rail.

ELAUSYS - KNX -Network



Each binary input can be assigned a separated KNX function for short and long operation:

  • Switch ON / OFF / TOGGLE
  • Shutter Control
  • Dimmer Control
  • Scene Control
  • Send Value

Moreover, binary input devices have an internal temperature sensor and an input for an external temperature probe.

Versions are available in 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 binary inputs to fit exactly to your need.


The KNX input gateway fully integrates in a regular KNX network.

With its single line topology and the use of spare wires in the standard KNX cable, both buses can work in parallel. KNX bus is accessible at any devices, therefore KNX and ELAUSYS devices are easily interchangeable.

The gateway is connected to the KNX bus using the regular red and black wires, the yellow and white wires are used for the ELAUNET bus.

ELAUSYS devices are connected using the four wires of the standard KNX cable.

ELAUSYS KNX Connection